Women in Finance


We are committed to achieving gender equality across all levels of our business. We believe that a balance in gender helps us create more diverse viewpoints, reduce bias in decision making and benefits the entire workforce.

TMK is proud to be joining more than 330 firms across the financial services sector in signing up to the HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter. The Charter reflects the government’s and signatory firms’ commitment to work together to build a more balanced and fair industry.

Our Chief Financial Officer, Reeken Patel, is responsible and accountable for gender diversity and inclusion within TMK and is the executive sponsor of our gender network group.

The society we live in means I am in a position of privilege. I believe that means I have a responsibility to help level the playing field – to influence, change and help make a difference for those that face inequality of opportunity.ˮ

Reeken Patel
CFO and Executive Sponsor for Gender Network Group


Our goals are:

  • A target of at least 35% female representation in all leadership roles by the end of 2023. This includes positions on the Board, our Executive team and in leadership roles. Our representation at January 2021 is 33%.
  • We have a target to maintain at least 29% female representation in all Board and Executive level roles by the end of 2023. Our representation at January 2021 is 29%, already above our industry average*.
  • Once we achieve these targets, we will set further goals to move towards gender parity at leadership level in the longer term.
  • We ensure that the pay of the Executive is linked to the delivery of these targets. Each member of our Executive will have an objective in 2021 that aligns to progressing gender diversity in their leadership teams. 


Our objectives are to level the gender playing field by:

  • Attracting more diverse candidates for new vacancies
  • Supporting every individual with leadership potential with a development plan to help promote them to leadership roles
  • Sponsoring our diverse talent internally, or externally through market-wide development programmes
  • Promoting diverse role models in our business

Promoting and embedding flexible working practices throughout TMK For more information, you can view the TMK Inclusion, Diversity & Equality Policy here

*Gender balance - Lloyd's - The world’s specialist insurance market. Also known as Lloyd's of London; is a market where members join together as syndicates to insure risks.

See our gender pay gap report 2021 here