Marine Cargo

The transportation of goods by road and sea underwent a revolution with the introduction of the shipping container in 1954. However, the risks of loss or damage facing cargo owners continue to evolve, even with advances in the quality of intermodal transport. Our cargo insurance provides cover against these risks.

Our history in providing marine insurance around the world makes us experts in a wide variety of ocean and inland marine exposures. So, whether you are a major international manufacturer or small business, we can tailor a plan for your business.

We write a book of specialist regional cargo business with a focus on project cargo and rejection risk.

We provide:

  • Broad protection on goods in transit worldwide, including marine storage
  • Coverage that is tailored to the size and complexity of your unique exposure
  • Marine industry expertise
  • Fast, flexible underwriting response
  • Annual, open or short-term cargo insurance for domestic and international shipments
  • Complex and unusual cargo risk coverage
  • Project cargo, with optional cover for consequential loss
Aerial view of a cargo ship


  • Rejection risk
  • Single shipment
  • Goods in transit

Line size

Our maximum line size is USD40m.


Richard Hooks

Richard Hooks

Departmental Head of Marine & Energy

All classes of marine business


+44 (0)20 7767 2162

Rob   Partridge

Rob Partridge


Marine Cargo  


+44 (0)20 7886 9000

Timothy  Wills

Timothy Wills

Head of Marine, Asia Pacific

Marine Cargo, Fine Art & Specie, Offshore Energy


+65 8188 0140


Faheem Fuad

Assistant Underwriter

Marine Cargo 





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