Equestrian and Bloodstock

Every horse owner knows that dedication and patience are required to cope with the inevitable highs and lows of their sport. Equine insurance can help alleviate the significant financial blows that can disrupt their success.

Our focus is on providing specialist coverage for sports and leisure horses worldwide, as well as global coverage for the Thoroughbred, Standardbred, Quarterhorse and Arabian sector.

In the event of a claim, horses insured with us will have access to some of the best veterinary practitioners in the world.



Horse and rider show jumping

Equestrian products include:

  • All risks mortality
  • Vets fees and major medical coverage
  • Loss of use - incapacity and infertility
  • Transit risk
  • Tack and equipment
  • Personal accident
  • Equine related third party liability
  • Stay-behind insurance
  • Care custody and control liability

Bloodstock products include:

  • All risks mortality
  • Stallion permanent total infertility
  • Transit risk
  • Surgical costs
  • Frustration of import and export
  • Stallion loss of income
  • Congenital first season infertility
  • Care custody and control liability


Joanne Haylock

Joanne Haylock


Equine & Bloodstock


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