Getting a business back on its feet

A fire destroyed a client's warehouse along with all its inventory and equipment. We ascertained this meant the client would not be able to complete two vital contracts and stood to lose millions of dollars in business income.

Within 24 hours of the fire being under control, our expert was on site to review high resolution drone footage of the site and to see what inventory remained.

Aware of the client's extreme situation and how important the claim was to them, we offered an advance interim payment of USD 2m to help with site clean-up and initial costs. Our policy also enabled the owner to plan for an improved replacement warehouse and covered them fully for the lost inventory and stock.

Further agreements were quickly reached on Business Interruption costs and loss of income such that, 4 months later, the full claim had been settled and the client was on the way to resuming normal operations.

At the renewal meeting with their broker, the client expressed their appreciation for the way their claim was handled; citing our technical efficiency, speed, pro-activity and empathy as key characteristics in helping them through a very difficult time.

Within 24 hours of the fire being under control, our expert was on site."

Timeline of policy procedure